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My name is Angelika

My name is Angelika

I Design and Develop Dynamic Websites

Work Together
Work Together

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Expressing you, your project or organization's unique identity is your golden nugget, it's your competitive advantage and most importantly, It's what separates you from becoming a commodity.

We'll go through a fun process of uncovering your site's main objective and how you, your project or organization will be distinguished among your competitors through strategy and design. Finally, we'll wrap it up into a durable and fully developed website.
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Selected works

Selected Works



- I create original designs catered to your unique identity, while prioritizing the website's main purpose (i.e. gaining more customers)
See how each and every element plays a role in encouraging viewers to hire Noggin for his beat producing and drumming services
UI / UX design of Noggin on different devices

Battle Tested Fitness

- I work efficiently, capable of strategizing, designing and launching a website in 7 days
Responsive website for a local boxing and fitness gym looking to gain more members. Featuring a customizable calendar, image slider, modals, animations & more

Automation Software

- I address and pay attention to overlooked issues and provide profitable and time-efficient solutions
Proposed and created the blueprint of a software that would automate the company's video editing; a projected 68% cut in cost and time editing hundreds of videos
The Company's Projected Savings.xls
Automation Software Package

Full Stack Camping App and Website

- Coding not only fosters creative possibilities, but a deeper understanding of web technology; by understanding the functionality behind the design, you can feel secure in receiving a durable and well-thought-out website
Programmed the front and back end of an app and website that allows you to login, browse, give feedback and reserve a campsite

ASME Robotics Competition

- I work well with a team, brainstorming ideas into it's full fruition and improving upon evaluation
Collaborated with a small team for 7 months, fundraising, planning and computer engineering a soccer-playing, attack, and defense robot for a nationwide competition
Images of my Robotics CompetitionImages of my Robotics Competition

Together We'll...

Identify the website's objective and audience, research, define your brand's image and create the general flow of your site


Creatively orchestrate and produce visuals in sync with your brand and the site's main objective


Bring your site to life! Optimize performance, add custom code and test it's usability until it's ready to go live


Let's do this

Let me know what projects you need help on :)
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